Carl Coling's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. On this site, you will find an eclectic mix of posts on many topics.

I promise not to bore you with a long and detailed life story. To be brief, I'm a writer, a photographer, and a philosopher. I have multiple college degrees, and expertise in several areas.

I appreciate creativity where I find it, and have made a study of the creative process involving people in many fields.

I had the opportunity to attend many science fiction/fantasy conventions in the Southern California area in the 70's and 80's, and have encountered some of the leaders in the fields of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature, of filmmaking and of the related craft fields. I've also delved into academia and business, travel and have been published in various areas. I'm a jack of, not all trades, but of many. Not a Renaissance man, but an aspirant.

In my experience, I've found it wise not to take an insular view of the world. It's best to look at the whole picture, different points of view, and different cultures to get a clear idea of what's really happening globally, intellectually, and locally. One size does not fit all in this world.

I'd much rather spend my time expanding my knowledge. I'm an information-sponge. I dive in, head first, into any subject that interests me. I've learned a great deal that way, not only about the world and the human race, but also about myself. You'll never know your limitations unless you test them once in a while!

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